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Terms and conditions

This page outlines the terms and conditions of use. 


This information on this website is true and accuarate based upon the knowledge and understanding of the business owner (Spaletta Infinity Knives LLC). 


Any patron of this website agrees that the information within is owned by their respective owners and may not be used without owners' written permission. 


 It is the responsibility of any patron of this website to clarify information with the owner or through trusted third partys endorsed by the owner. 


Any purchases made through this website must only occur after the following conditions have been met:


The purchaser of any product must ensure that the product is legal within the jurisdiction in which the product will be shipped, used or submitted through resale.


The purchaser of any product must acknowledge that they or the end user are of legal age and meet no restrictions as outlined by the jurisdiction in which they live or that the product will be used or sold. 


Due to the nature of the products sold by Spaletta Infinity Knives LLC on this website and through other outlets. Purchasers must acknowledge that serious harm may occur during use, misuse or abuse of our products. Proper safety measures must be taken while using our products and the purchaser must acknowledge the information within this paragraph and accept responsibilty for use of products supplied by Spaletta Infinity Knives LLC.


Any patron that is not willing to acknowledge the above information should not use this website.


Purchase acknowledgements will be made by clicking the terms and conditions of use box at checkout. Any purchaser that is unwilling to accept the terms and conditions of this website should not purchase any products or use this website.


Any questions about this user agreement must be confirmed through Spaletta Infinity Knives LLC, its owners or designated representatives.








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